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Unsane (2018)

The rise of the #MeToo movement has unearthed some of the darkest secrets of the entertainment industry over the past few years. From Weinstein to Kevin Spacey, victims of sexual assault are becoming empowered and feel like they are being … Continue reading

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Gaslight (1940)

In 1938 Patrick Hamilton wrote a play that would become so part of the zeitgeist that, the term ‘’gaslighting’’ directly originates from this work, and is used in clinical and mental health research papers. The term refers to a form … Continue reading

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Fear (1996)

How many times have you lied when someone has come on to you in a bar to avoid a confrontation or an insult? I used to be guilty of it. You wear a ring on your wedding finger, you pretend … Continue reading

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Changeling (2008)

  The law is something people like to think is perfect. If someone is guilty of a crime, then the premise of the judicial system dictates that that person will be given a fair trial, by a jury of their … Continue reading

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The Ninth Configuration (1980)

When you join the military, you are essentially signing away your life. You’re given rules on how to live, where to sleep, how to dress, and if you get killed or maimed along the way, then, honey there’s a clause … Continue reading

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