Green Room (2015)

This week the public racist, and former face of the EDL, ex BNP member, who also helped to develop Pegida UK, (which is  a branch of the German fascist organisation Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West); Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka Andrew McMaster aka Paul Harris aka Tommy Robinson was released on bail after his thirteen month conviction for contempt of court. He likes to martyr himself with the title of ‘’activist’’ when in fact he has a very clear agenda. His ‘’Save Tommy’’ website was set up in 2017, well before his arrest this year; where he was filming at the trial of a very sensitive child abuse case, that there was a strict reporting delay on, to protect the identities of the victims and to prevent the outcome of proceedings being tainted. He has a history of convictions beginning with attacking a police officer who attempted to stop him from beating up his girlfriend, and featuring such accolades as mortgage fraud, assault, leading a one-hundred-man football hooligan brawl, and trying to enter the US with a false passport.

In short, Tommy Robinson is faecal matter personified.

Let’s be clear, this is a man who claims to want to protect women and children from being raped and groomed, yet conveniently chooses not to report on those victims who have been abused by white men, some of whom are his previous known associates.  He has a clear agenda, which is stirring up hatred against the Muslim and Asian communities, and along with the support of Nazis and fascists such as Steve Bannon (who provided body guards to Robinson on his release from prison for the benefit of the press), he is given platforms on MSM to spout his hate filled rhetoric.

It’s irresponsible for the mainstream news outlets such as the BBC to give him exposure, as it normalises the fascism of the far right, and gives this common criminal, further chances to martyr himself. He models himself as a political prisoner, by telling fairy tales about ‘’no go areas’’ that are completely controlled by Muslims in the UK, and of prison ‘’torture’’ because of his beliefs. Let’s be clear, there is no such thing as a ‘’no go area’’ in the UK, and I should know, because I am British. As for his tales of being given a cell ‘’directly opposite the prison mosque’’, well, there is no such thing as a prison mosque, as all UK prisons have all faith chapels, and the Muslim community are treated the same as any other prisoner by having to worship there. He has many famous supporters, the lying, hatemonger Katie Hopkins, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, and Donald (face of fascism and stupidity) Trump, who all have two things in common – they are anti Islam and have a very tenuous relationship with the truth. What makes their message so powerful is that racists have the intrinsic fear that the people they have mistreated and maligned will one day turn the tables on them, and they will know how it feels to be oppressed.

Green Room is about a young punk band who get themselves into a spot of bother on tour when they are booked to play a gig at a venue full of Tommy Robinson supporters, ahem, I mean, Neo Nazi skinheads, and witness a murder. Cue an action packed, blood-soaked fight for survival, featuring Patrick Stewart as a big bad.

It’s a fun horror/thriller that is more poignant with the fact that Anton Yelchin sadly passed away in a car accident shortly after its release. It’s tense, fast paced and sadly very relevant to the rise of far-right attacks and animosity in the west towards Hispanic, African Americans, and Muslims after the ‘’election’’ of President Trump.

It’s gory, funny and has some of the most brutal death scenes in a Mainstream Horror I’ve seen in a while. Yelchin was a promising talent, sadly taken too soon, and Patrick Stewart could play a cardboard box and still be brilliant.

Ugly, gloomy and visually arresting, Green Room is entertaining and has a great musical score – for someone like me who’s very into grunge, punk and obviously violent horror, it’s a dream come true. I realise it has gotten a bit of a hammering from horror fans critically, but what can I say? I loved it.

Music, mutilation and making Nazis bleed … what more can a girl want?

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