Savageland (2015)

This week a US Senator was barred entry to a military facility where the children of so called ‘’illegal immigrants’’ are being held. What conditions these children, ripped from their parents, are being subjected to, is being withheld from the public, and the fact the windows and doors were blacked out is worrying. Despite what Mein Fuhrer said recently, children ARE innocent.

Let’s also be clear that this is not an immigration issue. It is a race issue. This is proven by the fact that the Trump administration is not targeting Polish immigrants, Australian immigrants, British immigrants – hell, they love British immigrants because they give them jobs hosting late night television shows, and they even allow Piers Morgan (aka the slime supreme, who was the editor of a newspaper that hacked a murdered girl’s phone) to work over there. In other words, they are fine, if these immigrants are white. Latino, Middle Eastern and Muslim people are the targets; and their treatment of such by this band of white supremist, creeps is proof, that this is about racism and nothing more.

Trump is taking his policies right out of the Hitler playbook by scapegoating other races, while dismantling every freedom that these supporters of a sleazy, reality TV star and failed business man, like to shout so much about.

Equality is in real decline these days, despite the strides the world has made over the last few decades; African Americans, earn less than their white counterparts, Latin Americans earn even less than that, while at the bottom of the pile are Native Americans who earn around 80% of what their white counterparts are paid. When you strive for equality, you must address every insidious little inequality and micro aggression, that a person of colour must endure in every aspect of their lives, every single day.

For instance, if you want women to earn the same as men, you must first fight for all women and men to be paid equally across the race divide, because only when it is a win for all women and all men; will pay equality between the gender gap, truly be bridged.

Savageland is a clever little faux documentary about zombies, told through the photographs of a falsely accused man, that highlights the treatment of Latin Americans in America, and the prejudices that are held against immigrants, whether legal or otherwise, in the United States today.

Let’s be clear, the zombie theme has been done to death and reanimated and double tapped again. That’s not to say I won’t get excited by every new zombie movie that gets released, but I am often disappointed by the result. Savageland is different though. For one thing, because there are very few zombies in it, and because of it’s extremely fresh take on the genre.

It’s a suspenseful, and often incredibly tense horror/thriller, which is even more impressive when you consider the fact that there are little to no action scenes in the film. The plot is both substantial and unique, giving you a protagonist that you are genuinely engaged with, while using the plot device as an inventive social commentary on the current climate of racism and scapegoating of immigrants and people of colour in the West.

A definite hidden gem in a sea of same old, same old, Savageland is a breath of fresh air, that really deserves more acclaim.  Insightful and creepy, while managing to truly get the audience invested in the outcome;  if you are looking for intelligent and clever escapism, this should be your first pick!

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