Long Weekend (1978)

When I think of Donald Trump I am reminded of the story of King Canute, sitting on his throne, or playing golf, trying to hold back the tide of reality and failing miserably.

Climate change is here. It’s been here, popping off for decades now, becoming more and more aggressive in its desire for science to be taken seriously.

We are told to recycle, to conserve water, to car share, to grow our own, to reduce food waste; all common sense behaviour  to the average person. Unfortunately, the average person is fighting a losing battle against the mega rich using private jets for a pop to the other side of the country for the weekend, corporations with the governments in their pockets who are breaking environmental laws, fracking with abandon and polluting land with carcinogenic pesticides and dumping their waste in vital water sources.

The fact that governments have been accusing scientists of tilting at windmills for decades instead of getting behind a force for real change is not surprising, but to the ordinary, woke citizen, it is hella frustrating.

Puerto Rico is in a state of emergency, the mayor of San Paolo this week BEGGED POTUS for help in saving the lives of its people, and he put his stubby little fingers to the touchscreen of his phone only to insult her and call the American public who are dying, lazy;  promptly taking his fat, orange entitled ass to play golf again.

You have to have a healthy respect for nature, if only to preserve ourselves, but sadly those in power are making me question whether the human species deserves to be saved. Donald Trump seems like a bad science experiment gone wrong, a blip in the evolutionary scale, and nature is fighting back.

A President with so much power, yet lacking empathy, intellect and humility, who people actually voted to elect, is the most unnatural of disasters.

Long Weekend is the story of a sniping couple on their last ditch attempt at saving their marriage, with a weekend away camping. Not the best plan I know. I mean, camping?

Showing a complete contempt not only for each other but their beautiful surroundings, they leave a path of destruction wherever they go. Littering, cutting down trees, shooting randomly at the wildlife, and destroying bird’s eggs, they have well and truly woken the dark side of nature.

Let me start by saying this; you will not be rooting for these characters from the moment they open their mouths. Selfish, sniping, whining, self-absorbed, and just the sort of people that make me glad to be single. At times it feels more like a melodrama with all the tension and dramatic revelations,  and you find yourself willing something bad to happen to them, just to make them Shut. Up.

There is an immediacy to it that is without doubt unsettling, but the slow creeping terror of the threat, became too slow for me at times, and I felt the screenplay lacked a realism in the reactions of the characters.

Long Weekend is well crafted, with a magical setting that becomes a protagonist of its very own, and it is certainly a great Australian horror; but sadly lacked the suspense to draw me in to the story that unfolded, despite some decent animal effects and fabulous cinematography.

By all means watch it, as I seem to be in the minority who found it somewhat dull for a horror film, but I prefer my outback horror to be less soap opera and more Phantom of the Opera.

Whatever you do, definitely give the 2008 remake a huge swerve. Truly the best advice a girl can give you.

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