Visitor (2017)

Independent horror is going through a small renaissance right now, with digital media becoming more accessible to those without Hollywood super budgets, and crowdfunding making fans more involved in projects that interest them, while making it easier for directors to generate publicity and solve financial constraints.

However, crowdfunding is extremely difficult, and for those on a deadline, it sometimes just doesn’t work out., often falling to the dedicated few to risk their own money on a venture that just may not work out.

The Visitor is a short film, made on a shoe string, and solely funded by the creators after a failed attempt at crowdfunding, but the end product was worth the blood and sweat that clearly went it to it.

A doctor using an experimental fertility treatment on women finding conception difficult, begins to have strange experiences, and messages from a Visitor, and as the credits roll, you are invested in the story and left wanting more.

Beautifully shot, with an intriguing concept, I was impressed within the first sixty seconds, at the understated acting and realism of the piece. Disturbing and realistic, while in surreal territory; it seemed to be over too fast, and for a short film, there is no greater compliment.

I am reliably informed by Roger Sampson (writer and director) that the piece was inspired by a news story about a meteor, and the short is a precursor to a feature film that will expand on the Visitor and what it will mean for the Doctor and her patients.

I for one, cannot wait to see more from the talented team behind Visitor and the stories they have to tell.

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