Bite (2015)


The Olympics in Rio began this weekend and the international community donned it’s blinkers, ignoring the real issues of the day and focusing on the important things that really, truly matter : Sport.
The murder of a jaguar during the torch lighting ceremonies was surely an omen that the gods were not pleased with the shoving under the carpet style politics on the world stage. The shedding of blood is never a good sign at the beginning of any endeavour, unless it’s a sacrificial rite, of course. Animal rights groups were, understandably outraged by the killing of an Amazonian animal, the use of which in the ceremony was also illegal, as the Olympic organisers failed to ask permission from the environmental body that protects the animals of the Amazon.
Great start, I know right?
Then we have the human rights issues at hand, which are a good reason that countries should be excluded from nice things like international sporting events if they can’t play nice all the time. Police brutality, unlawful killings, torture of detainees, and over crowded prisons on the law enforcement side of things, while gang violence, kidnappings, muggings and murder all a daily occurrence.
A body even washed up on the shore of the volleyball beach not too long ago …
Crimes against those in the LGBT community some of the highest in the world, despite the progressive stance of the government, and one person is murdered every day in Brazil at the hands of a homophobic, or trans phobic attack.
Child prostitution is a big issue and after the rise in forced child prostitution when the world cup was held there, for the more skeezy and disgusting type of sports fan, and things have not suddenly changed overnight in time for the Olympics.
Poverty is a huge problem for a middle income type of country such as this and the favelas (a pretty word for slums) are where just under twenty five per cent of the population lives. The opening ceremony seemed to glamorise the poverty it’s citizens dwell in, which is in poor taste and almost seen to be high fiving the issue rather than offering solutions to a real issue.
With a country deep in recession, a recent presidential impeachment, forced evictions, and the amount of public money spent on something pretty frivolous in the grand scheme of things, understandably tensions are running pretty high.
Between all that, the water pollution issues in some of the venues, a fire in the Australian digs (where they claim to have been robbed during the evacuations), and the concerns about the spread of the Zika Virus via mosquito bites, the Olympics are set to be interesting in a way that has nothing to do with sport.
Bite is about an unlucky bride to be who goes on a hen weekend with her girlfriends and gets a nasty infection that was not from her sleazy one night stand! When she gets home she realises that her insect bite will require a lot more than some antiseptic cream, and makes the Zika Virus look like a walk in the park.
If you aren’t a fan of the body shock genre such as Contracted, or Bad Milo, then this is not a film for you. There is a lot of pus, blood, vomit and general viscous fluids throughout that you need a strong stomach for, but if you can stick it out you’re in for a sticky treat!
Although the script is quite basic and predictable, the cast carry it well, particularly Elma Begovic who plays the lead, who gives a real depth to the role . The FX are truly disgusting and delightfully slimy, and make what could have been a quite forgettable girls gone wild and wrong kind of horror, ends up being pretty decent and quite memorable in parts.
Gooey, gag reflex inducing and gory, Bite is a fun little horror that is a great metaphor for the inner demons we all possess and the pitfalls of allowing others in.

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