Bone Tomahawk (2015)

You often hear people say ‘It wasn’t like that in my day!’, ‘Things were so much simpler back then’, or my personal favourite ‘You could leave your doors unlocked!’
Well firstly, which ‘then’ are we referring to? The then when women couldn’t vote, when racial segregation was de rigour, when gays could be imprisoned for being open about their preferences, when Mickey Rooney was allowed to play an Asian character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
I mean, there is so much to choose from, right?
And yes, things were so simple back then! You did as you were told, didn’t question the rules or religious beliefs that were imposed on them, and every one was so content with that.’ Every one’ being the middle to upper class white male, I’m guessing …
Women were seen and not heard, much like the children, no one would bat an eyelid if your wife was given a firm hand in the shape of a fist, and rape in marriage was unheard of in law. Honour and Obey right?
Single unwed mothers were social pariahs, depression/homosexuality/death of husband/domestic troubles/anxiety/reversal of circumstances/epilepsy .. would get you sent to Bedlam, mental illness wasn’t so much treated, as shoe’d under the carpet or sent to get a fix all lobotomy. There was the wild west in America, where lawlessness was king, or when the white man came and raped the natives, took their land, and made them fit into a Jesus worshipping little hole just how they like their indigenous folk.
There were no paedophiles, no crime, and even thieves and murderers had a code of honour by all accounts … No I’m not buying any of it either, but people sure do like to rewrite the past don’t they?
Donald Trump has age and not a lot else but he bangs on about those good old days and ‘making America great again’. Tell me Donald when was it great? When your pimp grand daddy first came over from Ireland? During the lynchings? During the slave trades, the civil war or this ‘brave’ new America where people think that the orange, hamster wigged, imbecile makes enough sense to be voted into the control of nuclear weapons? I mean this guy is a billionaire and yet cannot buy an educated thought, never mind a decent hair piece, yet people are willing to put their trust in a total idiot to run their country.
I mean our Prime Minister stuck his penis in a dead pig’s mouth, and is essentially a rat in a people suit; so I mean, no one is bragging about how intelligent our voters are either, but they all tell the same sort of lies about their own vision of our futures in the end.

My point being that every era has it’s issues, and things sure can look rosy when you’re viewing them from a distance, and if that wonderful vista is viewed from an million dollar tower bearing your name, surrounded by ‘Yes men’ and imported brides, then reality is never going to be your strong suit.
Bone Tomahawk is a horror/thriller set in the good old Wild West. When a young woman is kidnapped by a tribe of cannibalistic troglodytes, her injured husband and what constitutes the law of the town go on a rescue mission, not knowing what kind of dangers lay in wait for them.
This is a film in the true spirit of both the western and the horror. Suspenseful, glossy, and with a deadpan humour that, juxtaposed with the savage brutality and violence Rob Zombie would be proud of, makes for a hell of a watch. Seventies exploitation meets the classic western formula, coupled with the A List cast that includes Kurt freaking Russell, David Arquette, and a cameo by Captain Spaulding himself Sid Haig, everything about Bone Tomahawk screams class.
With the micro budget it began with this was a movie that drew an amazing cast purely with it’s solid, intelligent scripting, attracting actors who wanted it to be made, and helped make it reality; proving you don’t need big budgets to pull off something that is sure to be a cult favourite.
Both intelligent horror, and savage western, this is a film that offers something new with every viewing, and is already an all time favourite film of mine. It isn’t just scares for the sake of it, but a compulsive watch from the opening credits. This is what true great film is all about.
A bloody good watch with a healthy splattering of blood.
You will not be disappointed in the little horror that could.

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