Starry Eyes (2014)

Hollywood should be about talent, originality, and hard work. We’d like to think that the makers of our favourite films and binge watching addictions choose the projects because of their merit, the actors because of their performances, and everyone is treated with equality and respect; regardless of gender or looks.
We all know that is not how it works, though. Women, as with nearly every other industry, are paid much less than their male counterparts, the work dries up as they get older, while men become more bankable as their body of work grows. If they are beautiful, women are romantic interests, bitter ex partners, or femme fatales, while the less attractive actors, become comic relief, quirky sidekicks, or bit parts for most of their careers. It’s hard to get a break, because though their acting abilities may be spectacular, they don’t fit a certain look, or are pigeon holed as a character actor because they don’t resemble a Disney drawing, all doe eyed and jail bait looking.
Girls of twenty something are so often, romantically paired with men old enough to be their fathers, while women paired with male actors in similar situations, are portrayed as man eaters or MILFS.
Racial, cultural, gender, physical, sexual and religious stereotypes are rife in media, and propagate these assumptions whether negative or positive, into the world around them.
Physically, the media portrays such unobtainable images of men and women that no real person, could ever live up to. Plastic surgeons and therapists owe most of their bank balances to the victims of being simply average. Or worse: less than.
And yet, fame is such a lure to so many. Some people will do anything to be seen. To have your face photo shopped, blemish free and toothy white,  onto the front page of a magazine, to have their name on the lips of people they will never meet, even if the price is not fame, but infamy.
Starry Eyes is based on the old Hollywood legends of satanic cults/Illuminati made up of a select, chosen few, who have traded their souls for a forever in celluloid .From Jane Mansfield to Miley ‘put your tongue back in your mouth’Cyrus, the occult symbolism, and links to Freemasonry have always gone hand in hand with the glamour and seedy side of making movies.
Sarah, a desperate young ingénue, downtrodden and at an all time low, is given the opportunity of a lifetime, at an extreme price, and learns that all that glitters, is definitely not gold.
Starry Eyes is a truly excellent film. The juxtaposition of the modern pressures on young actors, and the sumptuous temptations of living forever through film, is sometimes breathtaking. It’s grimy and sexy, dark and creepy, and has style by the bucket load. The acting is top notch, and feels like a brilliant back to basics, horror film, the secret societies of those hills .with the big letters can really be proud of.
Splendid and sordid, this truly feels like an instant classic, that will stand the test of time. And if the film-makers have made a Faustian pact to achieve it, I feel they definitely made the right choice

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