Megan is Missing (2011)

I may have mentioned it a thousand times before, but I was born without the maternal gene. I don’t understand or care for the children of humans, but I damn sure will judge you if I think that you are doing a terrible job at it, because I have two cats and a dog, and c’mon, that’s more or less the same thing, right?
All of this weird internet Mumsweb, Twitterbook, magazine article style parenting, where everyone’s all ‘give them space’, ‘hey let them express their individuality’, or ‘slapping them across the face is wrong when they talk back to you’ crap, is really creating a generation of over entitled, over sexualised, kids who are growing up way too fast and becoming confused, precocious adults, with little common sense and ideas above their station.
They say words like ‘bae’ and have the most intense relationship spans that play out on the social media forum in a week. Meet > Love > Extreme unnatural jealousy> Engagement WITH a freaking ring (like where are they getting the money for this?!!) > Grand finale of a Psychotic break which would have made Lorena Bobbitt say ‘Whoa, kid! Chill – you’re twelve, go and draw a picture of a pony please …’
Sadly, as entertaining as they are from a distance, it’s not entirely their fault.
We are living in a society where there are shops who think it is acceptable to sell bikinis, bras, thongs and high heels aimed at the under tens, and parents who are happy to hand over their money to JonBenét  Ramsey their kids right up into paedophile bait, being the first ones to complain when they get a bite.
The media buzz word for young folk of that oh, so difficult wasteland that is neither child nor teen, the dreaded Tween years. Seems to me the tween years are quite cushy for today’s youth, as they swan around with the latest smartphone, dress better than me (I’m  frequently told this if they pass me in the street), and flash more De Niro than I could hope to spend in my young adult life.
Times they are are changing, folk, and not necessarily for the better.
Megan is Missing is the story of two young girls, best friends, close enough to be sisters, and complete opposites. The protagonist is a little older, beautiful, popular and the centre of attention; whereas her friend Amy is timid, less experienced when it comes to boys, extremely unpopular, and idolises her one true friend.
They do have one thing in common though, they are desperately unhappy with their lives, and insecure, in their own unique way; which gives ‘Josh’, Megan’s mysterious new internet crush, a perfect way to manipulate them both into getting exactly what he wants.
This film is gritty, brutal, uncomfortable viewing in places, and most of all heartbreaking. Loosely based on the murders of Ashley Marie Pond and Miranda Gaddis.  Ward Weaver, who was the father of the girl’s friend had raped and murdered the two, disposing of them in his own garden; Pond in a barrel drum, and Gaddis in a shed.
Knowing this made this film quite a difficult watch for me but it is unflinching in it’s portrayal of societies pressures on young women to mature too fast, when in their vulnerability in front of the camera, we can see that behind the make up and the pretence, they are still just children.

Now, I’ve heard people say that the torture scenes in this film are an insult to victims, and it was even banned in New Zealand as it was ‘injurious to the public good’ and sexualised teenage lives too much. Um, firstly, I dunno if the people on the censorship board are on meth or whatever, but kids are having sex. That’s how teenage pregnancy occurs …
As for some scenes being an insult to victims; I would say yeah, you are entitled to your opinion, and yes there is a three minute rape scene, but did you enjoy watching it? Did it make you feel sick? Make you want to hug your loved ones close and warn them about the boogeyman that doesn’t live under your bed, and he’s probably a lot closer to home?
Good, because he damn sure exists.
These things happen. Kids are stupid, they trust the wrong people, they get taken, they get hurt, they get raped, they get murdered, and there is not a thing you can do about the ones that get away.

There is evil in the world, and you cant reason with it, you shouldn’t try to appeal to it’s better nature because it wont have one, and films like this should be out there to remind people that being a virgin doesn’t get you a free pass to survival, and the killer wont crack wise with you just to pass the time. Horror movie rules don’t apply when you leave the theatre so you have to be smart and protect yourself with knowledge and maybe a little flick knife you could hide in your boot …

This is a great film, well made, with some outstanding performances from the two lead actresses.   It damn sure won’t be a holiday favourite you break out to cheer you up, but it is true horror, that will imprint in your memory for a very long time.

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