Contracted (2013)

There was a time when a woman of ‘loose morals’ would be put to death, tortured, branded with a scarlet letter, shunned by her whole community or excommunicated; but nowadays we live in such free thinking, progressive times, that slut shaming, name calling, peer pressure and cultural double standards based on outmoded perceptions of gender based equality are all a sexually liberated female has to deal with while navigating the minefield of love and relationships these days.

Sex is the most natural part of existence. In the ancient world, when the mother goddess was worshiped as a symbol of fertility, and women were life givers, nurturers; respected as an integral and mystical part of the circle of life, the physical act of union was considered a happy and normal part of living. When the patriarchal religions took over and women were less revered as divine, and more seen as chattel that could be traded or bartered with, sex became a a tool used to shame, guilt and even punish, what was now seen as the weaker gender.

Fast forward to today where we live in a society where a girl can sleep with any man or woman she pleases, unless she’s living in one of one of those patriarchal countries that will still arrest a girl for kissing someone in public, or one of those arsehat ones that interferes with a girl’s right to proper contraception, or even allows corporate entities like CRAFT SUPPLY COMPANIES to get involved in a woman’s right to contraception, or one of the places that dictates a woman’s right to choose whether or not she can have an abortion. Times have really changed …

Personally I don’t care what anyone does. As long as it’s between two, three, four etc. consenting adults, then fill your boots, but the big issue of the day is if you are going to sleep with someone, be safe.

I’m all for the dawning of the sexual revolution, but if you are going to go into a battlefield of chlamydia, herpes, crabs, HIV and the big comeback of syphilis, then you should be armed with a lot of condoms. Every. Single. Time.

If you don’t, it makes you really, really stupid. And maybe you should read up on the consequences. And definitely, definitely watch this film …

Contracted is the story of Sam, who while pining for her on off girlfriend Nikki, gets extremely drunk, accepts a spiked drink from a stranger and is raped. Desperate for Nikki not to find out about what she views as a guilty indiscretion, Sam doesn’t want to mention it to anyone, so keeps it quiet when the police start asking questions about the man. When her health starts to rapidly deteriorate, she realises that she may have caught more than an STI from the rapist, and that treating it may require more than a dose of antibiotics.

The film is an excellent social commentary on relationships and especially the issue of consent. The protagonist is raped. Her drink is spiked. She is incapable of giving her consent to any sexual encounter, and therefore this is rape. The most disturbing thing i found about my research about this film is that it is never referred to as rape. In every synopsis it’s referred to as a ‘one night stand’ and barely any critic and reviewer hasn’t questioned this. It’s a worrying example of how desensitised society is becoming to sexual violence against women in the media, and this was hardly a glamourised version of it.

I loved this film, it was such a unique spin on the zombie genre, and told from a much more human and therefore terrifying aspect. The acting, dialogue and script were all top notch, but it was the FX that really brought a gruesome edge to the horror.

Playing out like an extreme sex education film for the twisted, I think that if they showed this in schools, every teenager would not leave the house without a rubber in their pocket ever again.

Trust me, this is an instant indie classic that will have you crossing your legs and watching your drinks like a hawk next time you go to a bar or party, and I don’t think that is a bad lesson for any film to teach you horror or not.

Educational and entertaining, this film is a beautiful, sad, bleak, bit of gore, that did not disappoint.

Contracted fulfilled its contract and more.

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