The Victim (2011)

Ferguson Missouri. Not many outside of the United States will have heard of this city, until the recent shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer, now the whole world is aware of what happened to Michael Brown that fateful day on August 9. In the weeks following, we have heard about many more men and women just like him, that have been murdered by officers around the country, one of whom was a 93 year old lady who was shot 5 times by another Caucasian officer this month.

In the US alone, local police are involved in over 400 ‘’justifiable homicides’’ a year, and I’m guessing that there wouldn’t be much white paper needed if we were doing a colour chart of those deaths. It’s not just Ferguson, or LA, or Florida, Chicago, New York, or any of the other forces that have been in the news for their corruption or racism
accusations; the whole organisation from the ground to the very top is completely rotten to the core. How do you go about fixing that?

We can start by making sure that you criminally charge someone with murder that commits it, whether they are in the police or not and sending them to prison for their crimes if they are found guilty by a jury of their peers, NOT a grand jury. That’s kind of how the law applies to everyone else. Oh and listening to the country when they are in uproar about a situation would not go amiss either, for a start.

It’s not even about minorities, there is no such thing any more. There is a black president in the white house, and the world is a melting pot of different races, religions, colours, mixes, and blends of each other all living squished together side by side, and the fact that these people are not being represented by authorities and not being made safe by people who are meant to protect and serve them is so vile and terrifying, that I cannot imagine what it feels like to live in their shoes.

To put into perspective how serious the problem of racism is in America is, I will tell you this; the fund to support the officer that MURDERED Michael Brown currently has had more money donated than the tribute fund for the youth he killed. Sick to your stomach yet?

So how is any American citizen of any background, supposed to have faith in the police force from now on? I’m white and from the UK and if I was in America and had to report a crime, I’d wait until I got home and would probably do it over the internet anonymously. Just to make sure.

The Victim is the story of a stripper who after a day doing drugs and drinking with two deputy cops ends up running for her life after her friend is murdered by one of their dates and they have to cover up their tracks by icing the one remaining witness to the crime. Of course, she can’t exactly call for help through the usual channels, given who her pursuers are, so she finds an unlikely hero, with a murky past of his own to protect her.

It’s not a great film, I’ll be honest, it’s a little too let’s throw in some sex and some Danielle Harris and let’s hope for the best, and believe me, if it wasn’t for me being such a fan of Miss Harris I wouldn’t have stuck it out until the end.

Extremely two dimensional, with completely unbelievable characters, mediocre acting, a complete lack of blood, guts or gore and no horror to speak of, albeit with the exception of the script and the stripper attire. Honestly, do yourselves a favour and just watch another Danielle Harris film. She’s awesome. This film is not.

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