In Their Skin (2012)

The pursuit of perfection is a doomed exercise, for no matter how hard you strive for it, there is no such thing. The human condition finds flaws in everything and when we do not, we seek to create them either mentally or physically. The other man’s grass is always greener, that girl is skinnier than me, I wish I had smaller breasts/bigger penis/muscles/was taller … we all have our issues; and we project them onto the world.

No one around us is perfect, from the beautiful celebrity, to the gargantuan intellect who only has to proffer a greeting and the rest of us feel ninety nine percent dumber by comparison. We are never happy with what we have and we are always coveting the coolest kicks in the cave, however they present themselves.

Better phone, more money, bigger house, cuter boyfriend/girlfriend, more talented when it comes to writing … um yeah, we can all name something we think will improve our lives if only we had it.

Even if we did, it wouldn’t matter, because there would be a new shiny experience that would take its place, in some vicious cycle of evolving greed. We clothes wearing apes are too enamored by the pursuit of attainment to really enjoy any of our possessions half the time, and some of us are willing to throw our morals to the wind to do it.

Beg, steal, lie, commit fraud and in the end, we die with empty hands and heads, much like we came in.

Hardly worth the effort really …

In Their Skin follows a recently bereaved family who take a break to grieve together in their home in the remote countryside, when their over enthusiastic neighbours encroach on their family time, turning their secluded getaway into a scary fight for survival.

I really enjoyed this film, and though it was incredibly intense and almost suffocating in its foreboding atmosphere, it was worth sticking with. It seems to have suffered by being branded a rip off the 1996 home invasion classic Funny Games (or worse the terrible remake); while I think this has far more to say, and while not quite the same standard, has been executed with skill and a lot of talent. The effects of social status, an identity crisis, and the lengths that some people could go to in pursuit of a better life; are all played out in this well scripted, beautifully acted psycho-thriller gem. Rachel Miner steals the show as the ‘wife’ of the wannabe family, and the way that she tries to mirror every action of Selma Blair’s character is both heartbreaking and chilling all at once.

Psychologically biting, intelligent, and brutally unnerving in places, In Their Skin will have you checking the locks and securing the windows a little more diligently than usual for a good while after the credits have finished rolling.

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