Bullies (1986)

No matter who you are in life, what social circles you move in, and whether you live in a pig sty or a pent house, everyone knows a bully.
From school to the boardroom, a bully can be anywhere, and can appear in any form. Men and women, children and even the elderly share a common experience, whether their own memories are through the eyes of the victim or the perpetrator, and though some of us come out the other side richer and more confident for it, others never escape their tormentors, be it psychologically or emotionally, and it can dictate a person’s entire life.

I have been bullied many times, and if I’m honest, I’m sure I have been someone’s bully at some point in my life, and though I’ve forgotten about it, it’s so easy to hurt someone intentionally or otherwise, and it’s hard to gage which stings are going to scar.

Real bullies are the intimidators, the cruel and violent abusers who make it their life’s mission to belittle those around them, whether they are your parent, your friend, your boyfriend, your boss, or the poor kid lashing out at the fact the world isn’t going their way. They want to hurt you, they want to lash out, they don’t give you a second thought when they walk away from something you can’t, and they wont lose a wink of sleep over your distress.

The internet has brought a whole new level of insidiousness to the threat of bullying, and your information and contact details are ripe for the picking for any crazy ass hat who wants to take out their anger issues on someone else (or just make them feel a little powerful while they’re sat in their pizza box tower, surrounded by cat faeces and broken dreams), but luckily with these online slambooks and facebook trolls are a lot of websites that do their very best to repair some of the damage and offer support to those who want it. I’ll post some links of at the bottom of this blog – because let’s face it no matter what age you are, no one has their shit completely together, and I am not completely without a soul.

Nearly but not quite …

Bullies is a long forgotten eighties horror/thriller about an innocent young family who move to a backwater town after the not quite random death of some elderly relatives, and find out the town is controlled by the most psychotic family of rednecks these sheltered folk have ever had the misfortune of pissing off. No one is prepared to stand up to this dentally challenged family of ‘Bullies’ (geddit?), until …
Surprisingly brutal for such a low budget, no names film, Bullies is a much more uncomfortable watch than I had first anticipated, and impressed me with its clever approach to a pretty played out storyline. Leaping between pure cheesy and bottom clenching tension, this is a strange mix between Karate Kid and The Hills have Eyes, and I’ve got to say it worked for me. Terrible acting, stilted dialogue and the dreaded white washed denim, still weren’t enough to detract from what is in fact a decent watch. It’s an excellent B Movie, that’s both trashy and terrifying all in one, with some extremely satisfying kills and fight scenes; but remember kids, Bullies are bad, m’kay, and spearing them through the lungs with sharp objects is totally ok, and I’m pretty sure not illegal. (But maybe check your facts before you go all non supernatural Carrie on them).



To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide


American movement who are working to put an end to bullying completely.


An excellent source on the different types of bullying with links for support groups.


Great source for education and support.


A private organisation, that is nationally recognised, advice centre specialising in conflict resolution

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