Silent Night (2012)

Santa Claus, the most legendary home invader of all time has a long and rich history, all over the world in some form or another. Sometimes he’s sinister, and brings with him the big old sticks of justice for those ill behaved children, but mostly he is a benevolent old soul who brings nothing but good will and plenty of toys for kids who don’t piss him off. We welcome, practically beg, this elderly stranger to creep into our homes in the dead of night while we are asleep and at our most vulnerable, and leave presents under the altar of his Christmas tree, when any other time of year we’d be on the phone to the police so damn fast his beard would spin, if an old bloke in fancy dress was tip toeing around your house leaving your ‘gifts’.

That’s the kind of situation, that big ole baseball bats were invented for, right?

Aubrey is a deputy Sheriff with some issues regarding violent crimes, which is going to be a problem as a very sadistic Santa Claus impersonator is spreading blood instead of cheer all over the damn place, on her shift. There are some definite reasons to be keeping your nose clean this holiday season, because you really don’t want to end up on this guys Naughty list, believe me.

The film is a loosely based reimagining of the eighties classic Silent Night Deadly Night, though they are poles apart from the very first scene. Its tongue and cheek style with the added bonus of the considerable acting talents of Jaime King and Malcolm McDowell, is an excellent selling point, but its glossy finish and high kill rate really put this in the top tier of festive horror movies. Salaciously gory and very entertaining, this is one of the best films I’ve seen all year, due to its quirky humour and the fact it remains true to the traditional slasher rules, while embracing the ridiculousness of the plot with a smirk, without it being too outlandish or silly.

If you watch one Christmas kill fest this year, make it this cynical and stylish slasher with an eighties atmosphere that won’t leave you disappointed, like that oddly misshapen jumper your Grandma has knitted you.

Happy Holidays gore hounds!

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