Cabin in the Woods (2012)

I was a Buffy nerd. I was there for the film, the pilot episode, and I stuck with it through SMG’s many hairstyles and the sudden appearance of Dawn. I even stuck with it through series 8 and 9 (comic book form only) but I’m a big believer in quitting while you’re ahead and when Dawn became a centaur, I can only say that it lost me, and so I put it to rest and staked it good when it rose from it’s grave. Then followed the Angel, Dollhouse, and Firefly love affairs (because normal relationships are for losers.), and just when I began to settle in to each new ‘verse, statistics and viewing figures blighted every fight scene.

The networks giveth, and they goram take them away, so we learn to deal, and move on. But it’s hard, because Joss Whedon is sci-fi gold, and combined with Drew Goddard, they’ve managed to create some of the most original, twisted and funny writing that I’ve seen in television and film. So when I heard the rumour, way back when, that they were collaborating on a horror movie, well, I think I speak for a lot of people out there when I say that the anticipation for some genuinely entertaining scares was near lethal. By a hairs breadth, we survived the three year wait, and with the highest of expectations, the film was released.

Were we wrong to be so confident?
Of course not, these guys gave us Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, for [insert deity here]’s sake. (Goddard had a cameo in the web series as Fake Thomas Jefferson for those who will tell me he wasn’t involved. And they will, because fan boys/girls are unbelievably anal about these things – I’m one of them.)

Cabin in the Woods is a game changer in terms of approach to horror. It manages to credibly mix fantasy, horror and douse it in pop culture references, while making you laugh out loud. It treats the viewer like an adult and offers so much more than the usual slash and splash cinema fare. Gore galore, smart and sassy scripting, dream casting and enough cameos to provide nerdgasms for all.

Paying homage to titans of the genre such as Evil Dead, Ringu, Hostel and even Cube, this teen slasher meets voyeur horror with a splash of supernatural carnage, really ticks too many boxes to not entertain even the most jaded of genre stalwarts, and hopefully will inject the tired, big budget, borefests the new lease of life they so desperately need.

Cabin in the Woods, is without doubt worth the rip off admission price your local multiplex is currently charging, in this testing financial times.

What more praise can you heap on a film these days?

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