American Evil (2008)

Man has a lot to answer for (man and Margaret Thatcher, the one woman we’re all ashamed of). Divide and conquer, abuse and enslave, rape and pillage has been the great plan in the history of mankind since the first stone age man said to himself ‘Hey, that guy looks different to me and his cave has way more space. I think I’m gonna hit him over the head with a stone and move into my suave new pile of rocks.’

The UK was conquered many times until our pasty European colonies began to sail the seven seas and stick flags in every sandpit it could find, leaving a trail of atrocities in it’s wake while grabbing it’s impressive booty of spices, slaves and sub continents. And then we hit a big old rock named America. It had already been discovered a bunch of times before, and had a large populous of indigenous people, but that was irrelevant, for it now was now acknowledged as existing by an island that would live to regret it’s stolen bastard offspring, more than Brangelina.

Years later the once great empire is getting owned left, right and centre, and we kind of deserve it, I’ve got to say. Although the United States that Could, built on immigrants, slavery and the blood of other races, has rewritten the proud historical mix of interracial infighting and inbreeding and has turned out to be less hands around the world but hands around the gun that I’m holding to your different (Non gun toting, non abortion hating, literate, non republican idiots who blame ‘9/11’ for everything) looking ass.

American evil is a simple story of spirit unrest due to the forced re education of a whole culture so that they could better conform to the patriarchal ideals of the government and the Catholic church. Cover ups and murder all unravel when a curious geologist comes to the reservation to investigate an earthquake.

I wont lie, the story has been done before and at times it is slow and even a little twee, but I still enjoyed the film. The horror didn’t lie in the plot, but the simple facts and history that the script had been written around. Vengeful ghosts give it an angle, but these things happened, and people are still suffering the consequences of the ‘One Nation Under God’ riff that some idiot wrote down years ago. The acting isn’t great, and there’s a definite B movie vibe going on here, but it held my attention, and entertained me nonetheless. It’s a nice film, that I wouldn’t particulary class as horror, but it chilled me, and if you get far enough into the story it probably would have the same effect on you, so I recommend it be watched, if only for the message it conveys.

I do have a particular gripe about the sleeve though. Bradley Cooper is the face on the cover art, even though his part is small, and almost incidental. I understand that it has probably been repackaged after his Hangover success to draw in extra interest, but I feel that it does the film and the Native American stars a huge disservice to use the main white face in the film to sell dvds, kinda stepping on it’s own point in the process.

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