Wai Dor Lei Ah Yut Ho aka Dream Home (2010)

In the current economic climate, the notion of owning your own home is nothing short of fantastical for most people. If you aren’t renting from the state, or living at Chez Pervy Landlord, you’re drowning in mortgages while slaving away on the minimum wage, or sacrificing goats in the hope of a lottery win, which are seemingly the only options to secure a property. The choices are all extremely tempting, I think you’ll agree.

Even after considering the lifetime of debt that they’ll be getting themselves into and watching the Money Pit twice, some folk just can’t resist the lure of ownership and buying up their own little piece of the world. You’d be surprised just how far someone would go for the chance to have their name on a deed, though, and more than a little bit frightened.

Cheng Lai-sheung has a pretty miserable life. She lives with her ailing father and brother, shares all the free time she has between working as telemarketer trying to dupe people into taking out crippling loans, and as a sales assistant at a clothes store. She can barely make ends meet, but puts all of her money into saving for her obsession. A waterfront apartment with a view, just like her ex sailor granddaddy would have liked, and she isn’t going to settle until she gets it. You can imagine what would happen if she was on the verge of closing a deal on the place of her dreams, and it fell through. Well, I guess you could imagine her reaction, if you were in fact, a psychopath.

Ultraviolent, über slick, and darkly witty, Dream Home is a masterpiece of the slasher genre. Oozing with gore, dripping with humour and delivering a stinging social commentary on the way that pressures of the material world and mere circumstance can drive the morality of a person clean out of the window, this is a film that impresses from the very first scene. Josie Ho is outstanding in the main role, and coupled with the grim subject matter, stomach churning, sometimes hilarious FX, and ironically macabre ending, make this one of the best films to come out of China in recent years.

The kills are creative and shocking, both in the intensity of the meek yet maniacal Cheng Lai-sheung, and over the top fight choreography. Not many horror films dare to off the heavily pregnant woman, but Dream Home goes there, and comes back wearing the maternity t-shirt. This is undoubtedly an instant horror classic.

Horror teaches us that morality is overrated, especially if you’re weighing it against an ocean view, I know, but as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it …

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2 Responses to Wai Dor Lei Ah Yut Ho aka Dream Home (2010)

  1. Amaris says:

    I read this film after reading this review and I utterly agree with what you said. It was dark comedy and slasher at its finest and all in a foreign film too.
    It made me flinch a lot and a delightful film

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