Somos Lo Que Hay aka We are What We Are (2010)

‘’You are what you eat’’ is a stupid phrase. I mean, that’s only true if you eat exactly what you are, making you a cannibal ,which, as we all can agree (unless you get your recipe ideas from Cooking with Dahmer) is just plain icky.

I can say that, of course, because I’ve never known true poverty (though it sure feels like it sometimes when my bills have left me barely enough to live on …), and I have never been truly, truly hungry, because no matter how we complain, about our prehistoric internet connections, jobs and bills, most of us are lucky enough to have never experienced the desperation that comes with not knowing if you will eat today, or even this week, and the things that some people have to do to survive.

Though, I have to say, that as a very well fed, western wench, who will not even entertain the thought of mushrooms, I can safely say that I would have to draw the line at eating people.

We Are What We Are is the story of a family living the most meagre of existences in the slums of Mexico. After their father is poisoned, they must appoint a new head of the family, who gets to make all the decisions concerning procuring victims for the ‘ritual’. The ‘ritual’ which consists of eating two legged, suspicious prey, who have an annoying tendency to scream when you stick a fork in them. Tricky, tricky, tricky …

The Mexicans really understand horror, if this film is anything to go by. Brutal, intense and heartbreakingly desolate, Somos Lo Que Hay is uncomfortable to watch and intelligent, with a disturbingly plausible storyline. The acting is excellent, and what is portrayed with such sparse language is mesmerising, and utterly believable, reminding us that real horror begins with the human condition and the realisation that we’re just another species, trying to survive.

If you’re looking for blood, guts, and blah, then this isn’t the film for you, trust me, but if you’re in the mood for a deeper, and more intimate brand of heebie jeebie, then give this a watch, because love or hate, it wont fail to make you think.

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