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Backwoods aka Bosque de Sombras (2004)

We’ve all walked into a strange bar and been hit with the silent stick of being the sore thumb in a bar full of locals who look like you’ve just punched their mother in the face. No matter where you’re … Continue reading

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Somos Lo Que Hay aka We are What We Are (2010)

‘’You are what you eat’’ is a stupid phrase. I mean, that’s only true if you eat exactly what you are, making you a cannibal ,which, as we all can agree (unless you get your recipe ideas from Cooking with … Continue reading

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The Stepford Children (1987)

If a film brings in the money, is received well by the critics, and like so many over the years, becomes ingrained in the cultural subconscious, the studios will inevitably spawn a sequel, or five, though as Police Academy proved, … Continue reading

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