Territories (2010)

People in positions of authority get a bad rap; police officers, prison guards, government officials; basically anyone that can wrap you in red tape and tie knots around your life, with the full force of the law behind them, seems to earn their chosen careers a big ole dose of animosity from society in general.
It definitely takes a certain type of person to apply for the right to wield power over their peers, and if that type of person secretly harbours undesirable political or discriminatory views, then a little bit of power can become a hell of an axe to grind.

In short, kiddiwinks, a Dick with power is the worst kind of Dick.
An Über Dick if you will.

Five friends on their way home from a wedding in Canada, run into some overzealous customs officials that clearly have no intention of letting them drive on home to their cosy beds. The situation quickly escalates into a Guantanamo Bay style orange jumpsuit fest that features cages, and enough torture to make Robert Mugabe wince a little.

This film has been savaged by critics and fans alike, discarded as an unoriginal hillbilly horror/torture porn mash up with no real merit or believability, but I found Territories to be an unflinching and at times extremely uncomfortable portrayal of the growing culture of ‘acceptable’ racism that has been spreading like a zombie virus since 9/11. The Us against them (whoever they are) mentality and blind patriotism, of people that are so unhappy with their own choices they project it on the big bad Terrorists. Me? I think the fact that I’m living in a country where people voted in a Conservative government is worry enough for now.

Working with a stellar cast, extremely realistic violence and FX, the film is by no means an easy viewing experience, but I found it to be worthwhile. It’s both a torture film with brains, and a thought provoking political commentary with gore all in one, with more than a little bit of gallows humour, thrown in for good measure. Territories is a very human film, that runs the gambit of every capable human emotion, which as we know, aint all pretty. If you’re looking for blood, boobs and pouty victims, then you’ll be sorely disappointed, but if you’re tired of brainless, meathead butchery, and want something that might just stir an emotion other than boredom in you, then this one might just do the trick.

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