My Super Psycho Sweet 16 (2009)

We’ve all seen those spoiled little airheads on MTV, dripping in more bling than Aladdin could have ever stashed in his cave, wearing more names than Ed Gein, and manipulating people in a way that would make Hitler rethink the way he had treated people.

We hate them, and yet we are fascinated by their disregard for the value of money, their parents utter lack of smack down in response to their pouty offspring’s backchat, and the astounding knowledge that these teeny meanies have made it to the big one six, without, y’know getting brutally murdered and stuff.

MTV obviously isn’t as dumb as it would have us believe, because they came up with a concept that if nothing else would bring a smile to the faces of their covetous audiences by putting these Richie Bitches on the wrong end of a serial killer.

[Collective sigh of relief from the parents as their dark prayers are answered]

Ten years ago the manager of the local roller rink brutally murdered some of the locals, and as a result his daughter Skye has grown up labelled as the town freakshow. In the present day mean girl Madison (always with the vomit inducing names), wants to reopen the deserted murder scene as a dick move and memorable venue for her sweet sixteen, which, as we all know is just asking for trouble.

In a parody of it’s very own reality series, the channel uses the premise of the show to craft a surprisingly enjoyable teen slasher film. Of course it’s a safe slasher, with no graphic violence, gore or sex, aimed at the kidult generation rather than the serious horror connoisseur, but it’s Scream meets Mean Girls humour gives it a likable edge, that’s laughing with the viewer rather than looking down on them, like so many of these smug movies aimed at teenagers that have that ‘we know what you’re into better than you do’ vibe but end up coming across as clueless and insincere.

It’s not perfect by any means, some of the acting is well, perfect for an MTV reality show (that is stilted and unbelievable), the plot isn’t anything groundbreaking by any means and has a distinct lack of horror for this Gore Whore , but pokes fun at it’s own faults and has a satisfyingly quirky ending which leads to a decent and equally entertaining sequel.

So if you’d like to watch some pretty little brats get their just desserts, while giving your brain cells the night off, well look no further children .. This is the Sesame Street of the Slasher sub genre, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. After all, little gore fiends have to start somewhere – look at it as running with plastic scissors before you break out the machete.

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