Sweatshop (2009)

Little bit tired of all things covered in tinsel? Want to die from all of your merriment and debauchery but cant even find the energy to pull a solitary trigger just to end it all? Yeah me too. So screw Christmas, and let’s get back to horror normality and watch something that has no danger of a murderous elf or Santa fetishist appearing anywhere near it.

Unless the title is referring to the unsuitable working conditions suffered working for the Fat Guy in the North Pole and well .. You can look forward to seeing me on tomorrows evening news, being taken down in a hail of bullets after a post Christmas massacre.

Fingers crossed eh?

Sweatshop is an indie horror that is putting the self respect back in to the slasher / torture porn phenomenon, with much less of a budget than those money dripping whores Saw and Hostel and leaving them looking like the over hyped amateurs that they are.

A group of entrepreneurs on the alternative club scene, are in the process of setting up an illegal rave in ye olde abandoned warehouse, when the discovery that, actually it’s home to a pretty huge guy with a fondness of giant home made hammers, the killing, and not much else.

The characterisation and styling is, I’ve got to say pretty good – it’s nice to see a break from the standard Hollywood gap advert style fodder, and made for some interesting scenes (Lolly’s novelty contact lenses looked amazing while wandering around in the dark rooms), and as someone who has frequented a few Goth clubs in her time, I recognised a few characters that seem to be standard issue on the scene these days (for better, for worse ..). The fantastic soundtrack was also an added bonus to the feel of the film (which, for an indie flick is no mean feat, without just sticking a lot of unsigned crappy bands that you know on your movie), with bands like Android Lust and Lucid Dementia featuring, kind of making my day.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a standard plot, standard execution and there are no big shocks or twists, but what makes Sweatshop such a triumph is the acting (not half bad), the FX (gooey and crunchy, just how I like it) and the kills (you aint never coming back from these ones darling). Vicious and unrelenting in it’s slick and surprisingly watchable build up, to a payoff that can only be described as a highly satisfying crescendo of violence, that makes me think that with a potentially, iconic character such as The Beast, it would be a goddamn crime not to make a sequel.

Purty please?

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