Jack Frost (1997)

Not to be confused with the lame Michael Keaton film that’s supposed to warm your heart, but instead is an excellent aid for bulimics everywhere, Jack Frost is one of the greatest low budget Christmas themed horrors of all time – high praise indeed huh?

A serial killer with the oh so appropriate name of Jack Frost, is being transferred to his execution in a prison van when they crash with another vehicle which happens to be carrying some sort of experimental, comic book style, chemical that causes our murderous villain to turn into a snowman.

A killer snowman!

Dun Dun Dah!

Really, what more are you going to ask from a Christmas horror movie than that?

Finding his way back to the town where the sheriff that put him away in the first place lives, with his wife and kid (who is wandering around free, despite committing unspeakable crimes against hair.), Jack goes on a chilling (geddit?) and bloody rampage around the area. Sherriff Sam, helped by a mad scientist and an FBI agent try to find a way to stop the terrifying (cough, cough) monster before it’s too late.

Um yeah. That’s the plot.


Ok, so Jack Frost is lame, and stupid, and it’s basically 89 minutes of watching a bunch of silly Americans dying in hilarious ways at the hands of a polystyrene model of a snowman. I’m not going to try and dress it up – it is what it is, but hey, what it is, is damn entertaining, and I defy anyone not to laugh at least one of the death scenes (how a young Shannon Elizabeth portrays getting molested by a serial killer trapped in an oversized, Christmas decoration, is the kind of thing that really has to be seen to be believed.). It never makes the mistake of trying to be a serious horror, and the tongue in cheek approach to what could have been a terrible, and very forgettable film, has successfully created a true B-Movie classic.

Give it a chance – it deserves more than a ‘frosty’ reception. *Cue readers groans*

(I make no apologies for my terrible attempts at humour in this particular post – If I could go back and change it (which I can – there’s an edit button for that kind of thing), I wouldn’t change a thing. It‘s Christmas, so deal with it.)

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