Leprechaun (1993)

Leprechaun (1993)

One of the biggest debates of the 80’s and early 90’s – is it horror or comedy? Night of the Demons, Child’s Play – all of them cheesy, with ridonkulous plot arcs and with one liners that would make a 60’s Batman villain jealous, but I’m of the opinion that if Nightmare on Elm Street is classified as horror, than anything else can hold the title with pride. Come on, we’ve all watched the scene where Freddy is running down the alley way with those long squiggly arms and silently sang the theme tune to Inspector Gadget in our head (‘Go Go Gadget Arms?’ No? Just me? Ok then ..)

My point is Leprechaun – whatever else it may be, will still be found in the horror section of any DVD rental place (if you can find it at all – it’s pretty old you know, not to mention lamer than Tiny Tim).

The plot begins extremely realistically with Dan O’Grady (because every one is an O’Something in Ireland according to Hollywood and a lot of episodes of Murder She Wrote) stealing a pot of gold (not Lucky Charms) from a Leprechaun who obviously a bit pissed off, follows him back to America and murders his wife. Dan manages to trap the little green psycho in a wooden box using a four leaf clover (he just happened to have one lying around in a drawer – as you do) because apparently that’s what scares the bejaysus out of Leprechauns, before having a stroke and then dying.

Ten years later Jenifer Aniston pre Friends fame (and acting lessons) moves into the same house with her dad and Warwick Davis (I mean, the Leprechaun) manages to escape and wreak havoc with his terrible accent and unhealthy obsession with the buckles on his shoes, looking for his Lucky Charms .. I mean pot of gold.

This film is so bad it’s absolutely brilliant! A lot of other people must have thought so too as it spawned 6 sequels to date – Leprechaun in the Hood is my personal favourite, and if it’s not yours too then I fear for your soul. The other films are outright comedy, but this one is the goriest and most serious in the franchise – which I’ll admit isn’t saying much. If like me you thrive on cheesy horror and want Warwick Davis to always, always be employed, then buy this film and revel in it’s crappyness. You will be so glad you did!

Or you wont (which is more likely).

Note – If you are Irish or just a person who knows what an actual Irish accent sounds like don’t hesitate to contact the police and report everyone involved in this film for crimes against Irish accents. I did. They didn’t seem to care (obviously were too busy carrying out their own stereotypes of eating donuts and beating up minorities), and charged me with wasting police time. I’d do it all again though children, and advise you to follow suit.

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