Blood Creek (2009)

Blood Creek (2009)

Nazis and the occult – perfect combination yes?

What if instead of just Nazis messing with the occult, the Nazis are zombies?

Yeah, it doesn’t get much better than that does it?

I didn’t think so. This is the wonder of Blood Creek.

I had bypassed this film so many times on route to finding the perfect horror to watch to fill another boring night in, and I always seemed to swerve past this one without a second glance. Why, you ask?
Well, this bad boy is directed by Joel ‘Lost Boys and a couple of Batman films’ Schumacher for starters – he‘s not known to me as a master of the horror genre, and I don’t want him to disappoint me. Secondly the cover looks a little crappy and well even a wee bit obvious to me (now normally I am a fan of the low budget Nazi Zombie theme but since I bore witness to my beloved and beautifully creepy cinematic Kinder Egg that was Outpost, well my standards have risen a little, and rightly so).

So to say I started watching this particular film with low expectations is no exaggeration, and turns out even I with my cynical heart and deadened emotions can still be pleasantly surprised and then some.

So our film begins in 1937, a German family of four living on a small farm in America receive a letter from the Fatherland, asking if they would be so kind as to host a Historian for a few months, while he conducts some research. They learn that they’ll be handsomely reimbursed every month to the tune of $150 – in 1937 kiddiewinks that was a hell of a catchy tune. Inflation is a bitch, huh?

So of course they say yes – they’re poor and they’d be fools not to right? Wrong. The historian turns up and we learn the families fellow countrymen haven’t been all that honest (Damn Nazi’s and their little white lies – no pun intended.). Herr Wirth is actually searching for some rune stones that can help Hitler and his asshole friends become immortal (now we know that would never have ended well), and he himself can actually bring dead things back to life.

Can you say Oh No? But in German, obvs.

Cut to the present day. Evan’s brother Victor has been missing for two years, after disappearing on a fishing trip. His Dad’s an invalid who’s totally ungrateful for everything his son does for him, blames him for Victor being A.W.O.L, and his sister in law refuses to even acknowledge there’s a possibility the father of her two kids could be dead. Oh and he sleeps in a caravan in his Dad’s garden.

Evans life sucks basically.

One night all cosy and asleep in his caravan, Evan is awoken by an extremely hairy guy who’s presumably trying to revive the Grizzly Adams look single handed, claiming to be Victor (After he has a uber quick shave we see that he’s telling the truth and has given up on the whole fashion revival thing). He tells Evan to get some guns, their canoe and enough supplies for two days, and drags him off into the night .

Well what a coincidence – they end up at the farm, where Victor is aching to open a can of revenge flavoured whoop ass on the mother truckers that kept him captive all this time. Strangely the clan haven’t aged since our little flashback to them and yet they don’t seem like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre type (No leather faces for one). So who’s the real villain in this piece, and where the frack is the Historian?

This could have been terrible and cringe worthy, with crappy make up and plot.
It wasn’t any of these things – the story line was eerily close to the truth behind Hitler’s occult messings (thankfully he didn’t manage a zombie army though – although I might be more inclined to watch the Great Escape if he had ..), and the acting was very non Horror filmy (erm that means it was good).
Not much gore, but Herr Wirth was a genuinely creepy enemy, that you really wouldn’t want to run into down a dark alleyway. Although I can say I’ve ran into worse in ladies nightclub toilets at the weekend (and sometimes its my own reflection ..)

Joel Schumacher introduces Outpost to Wrong Turn and comes up with an absolute winner for zombie and general horror fans alike, and teaches us all a valuable lesson – the scary is always ten times scarier in an SS Uniform.

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2 Responses to Blood Creek (2009)

  1. Alexa says:

    I really wanna watch this now!!

  2. thegorewhore says:

    Aw Lex man, you’d love it! I must be doing summat right if I’m making folk actually want to watch stuff ha!

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