Borderland (2007)

Borderland (2007)

Now sticking with the ‘Based on True Events’ theme for a little while we have this little offering from a few years ago, that is loosely (That one little word leaves a whole lot of room for artistic license remember) based on the true story of the serial killer/drug dealer/cult leader (hey no one could ever say this guy didn’t like to keep himself busy) Alfodo de Jesus Constanzo aka El Padrino de Matamoros (or for the English speakers in the house – The Godfather of Matamoros).

The general plot centres around three Texan college kids who head down to Mexico for a week of drugs, strip clubs and hookers because for the over sexed, drug addled arsehole type it can be (if you know where to go) ‘The happiest place on earth’.
So in one night, we have a ministers son who falls for a prostitute, a straight laced Ben Affleck type who is going all doe eyed for a strip joint bar wench (who’s ex husband is rather large and fond of the stabbing), and their emotionally retarded friend who’s heart is set on as much debauchery as he can thrust on those around him – yeah, I know what you’re thinking, and no of course it isn’t going to end well ..

After a night of shrooming (FYI that’s hip pop culture slang for eating magic mushrooms – now let it be known that I don’t condone this practice at all – not the whole drug thing, if you want to get high and bore your mates with your psychedelic hallucinations then knock yourself out Cheech, but eating mushrooms? Yuk, well that’s just nasty) at the fair ground Phillip (the ministers boy) decides he wants to leave to take a cuddly toy to his beloved hookers baby (yeah – I pulled the same face writing that sentence as you did reading it. Men huh?), and his friends being giant douches, allow their innocent and extremely high amigo to wander of into the night. He gets kidnapped obviously, and they carry on with their frolics in a local cemetery. How very emo of them.

Cue the next day – when the selfish bastards finally realise old Phil is missing they go to the cops, they don’t get a whole lot of help so they enlist the strip club bar maids and a tortured ex police officer out to avenge the death of his partner.

Plot wise that’s all you need to know or else what is the point of watching the damn thing?

It’s actually a fantastic film with some familiar faces (an ex hobbit and that guy from Boy Meets World anyone?), and some pretty good acting. It’s tense and well paced, and in my opinion pretty well researched in terms of the religious subject matter and because this events did actually happen ( in a fashion – remember that artistic license people), its human enough to make you rethink your holiday romances in the future.

The only gripe I really had with this one is the fact I’m supposed to believe Ryder Strong (that Boy Meets World Guy) is still of college age – come on! They did a college years version of that show – before I went to college – and I’m freaking 28 this year!

My teen TV obsessions aside – Borderlands, I salute you.

For those of you who are interested in the subjects matter here’s a few links for you to peruse:

Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo


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2 Responses to Borderland (2007)

  1. Did you happen to watch the additional features about Constanzo? Creepy! I first discovered this particular gem when I came across the After Dark Film Festival listings, of which this movie is a part. I highly recommend all of them if you haven’t seen any others…haven’t found a bad one yet. This movie was far better than any of those other “American teens get lost in foreign country and get slaughtered” movies.

    • thegorewhore says:

      Yeah I was luckily enough to see the special features – he really was a piece of work. Interesting how he’s never mentioned in the prolific serial killer hall of fame (way more creepy than Bundy in my opinion). And I concurr – this film kicks horror like Hostel and Train’s arse in every way. Far more centered in reality and therefore muchos creepy! I’m actually going to review a couple of the After Dark listings in upcoming blogs so watch this space 🙂

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