Road Kill aka Road Train (2010)

Road Kill aka Road Train (2010)

Australia – home of cheesy (but very addictive soaps), Skippy (the bush kangaroo), insects that scare the bejaysus out of me, and more recently, some pretty decent horror offerings.
Wolf Creek, Lake Mungo, and Gone are just some of the films that have persuaded me that the Australian outback isn’t the best holiday destination, unless you happen to be looking for a gory end, but I’d recommend the DVD’s if like me you would like to spend your spare time watching other folk run from murderers and not participating in this activity yourself.

Road Kill is another Fright Fest effort (for those not in the know, Fright Fest is the U.K’s leading horror and fantasy film festival, and if anyone wants to treat me to tickets, then I may propose to you on the spot. – but please don’t let that put you off doing it.), that yet again proves that the future of the genre lies in a galaxy far, far away from the Hollywood Hills.

This one is a supernatural horror, with a plot lying somewhere between Duel and Christine. Two couples, their underlying relationship tensions and emotional baggage, decide it would be an excellent idea to go camping in the hot, dusty, unforgiving destination of the outback.
After the shaky preliminary setup of an opening scene which can only be described as soft porn ( I was like dude, is this the right film?), but thankfully I realised the film does have a story after all, and I’ve gotta say I was slightly relieved.

So while driving down one of those never ending roads they are forced into a vicious game of dodgems by a massive lorry (or as they call them down under, road train) and although their jeep is completely totalled the foursome survive relatively unharmed.
After discovering the road train is parked up ahead seemingly abandoned they start to explore the rig, when a man starts getting all shot happy with a gun and running towards them – their solution? Steal the train and drive off. Why not eh? Their day couldn’t possibly get any worse.
This is a horror film remember?
After driving for a while the gang, simultaneously fall asleep and the lorry steers itself down and old dirt track that’s too narrow for them to turn around and drive out of.
Not too scary. Nope, its really not, but it turns out that the more time spent in or around the truck makes you a bit well, axe murdery and mental. Oh, and there’s the face that and the fact that the thing wont drive unless you fill up its tank with people – there’s one in the eye for those smug little Prius owners out there.

This one for me was a winner – not too serious or convoluted, plenty of blood and guts, and had a very retro, grindhouse feel to it.
The actors were pretty faultless in their portrayal of a group of selfish, backstabbing friends (with the exception of Marcus’ well, I’m guessing he was going for a manly expression of anger but all I saw was a tantrum worthy of a three year old girl), and although I’d of liked some sort of explanation for the origins of the road trains interesting alternative for petrol, it didn’t detract from the fact that this is a great little horror.

Just goes to show, when something’s getting absolutely slated on the I.M.D.B it usually means that its going to be pretty damn good.

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