Bad Ronald (1976)

Bad Ronald (1976)

This was one of those American made for TV films that usually and more so annoyingly never get transferred to DVD, but luckily Bad Ronald is the exception to the rule.
Ronald typically shy 70’s geek with a frankly awesome Jew-fro lives with his overprotective, and frankly extremely creepy mother. He has no friends, the girl he covets is a total bitch, and even little kids take the piss out of the poor lad On the day of his birthday and after a series of humiliations, he finally gets pushed too far with a ’Yo Mama’ insult and accidentally kills a girl (who if you ask me got what she deserved).
He freaks out and runs home to tell his mammy who does the not at all extreme thing of holing him up in a secret room to hide him from the police. This works out just fine until Mommy Dearest goes and bloody dies on the poor kid leaving him pretty much screwed royally. To make matters worse the house only gets sold from under him and a new family move in.
So there’s Ronald living in his secret room while the family gets settled in blissfully unaware that a murderer on the lamb from the boys in blue is silently watching and listening . This is when we see him transforming from unlucky guy in a messed up situation to a full on mental case.
This film is one of my all time favourite its kind of Psycho – esque and considering it must have been pretty low budget its aged surprisingly well. The general premise is something to keep you awake at night – strange creepy man living in your house watching everything you do and sneaking around in the night, and unlike some other far fetched film plots its  possible and has actually happened. In fact it kind of reminds me of one of my exes …
In my opinion that’s the best kind of creepy film, something that you know to be a possibility – human nature is always more terrifying than say killer rabbits from outer space (and by the way if they ever make that film I am so gonna watch it!).
I’ve got to admit though I do tend to sympathise with Ronald – you get the feeling that if the kids at his school weren’t such complete bastards his life would have turned out a whole lot better. Saying that a lot of folk get bullied these days but they don’t all turn into creepy peeping toms or murderers, or if they do, they must be extremely good at hiding it.
Everything from the creepy violin infused ‘dah dah DAH!’ score to the genius storyline makes this an all time favourite of mine that sadly never gets enough recognition.
Buy or steal it if you have to, but if you love 70’s horror or just horror in general you need Bad Ronald in your life …. Just y’know not literally.

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