Ok so I have a confession to make – I have a guilty pleasure in the form of those teen slasher ‘I know what you did while screaming on the way to the final destination’ type films. They’re slick, they’re full of the next hot hollywood cannon fodder, they’re un original and I can’t get enough of the crap.
its the sort of film that when I see the glossy ads the studios throw so much money at, I snort (not literally of course its a mere turn of phrase. I’m way too demure for that!) with derision and moan about how its plagiarised another film, how I hate that girl they’ve picked for the lead and generally act like its a personal affront to me that the thing has even been made.
But … By god I am going to watch it!
Not at the cinema of course – I’m far too cool for that, I mean someone might see me!
In the comfort of my own home though, I can snuggle up under my duvet and let the blandness wash over me in private.
Its a strange experience really watching these gilded celluloid turds. I know I should know better, but dammit they are addictive and I am weak. I guess they’re kind of my equivalent of those celebrity gossip magazines that everyone pores over these days. I personally couldn’t give a shit about the Katie Price’s and Peter Andre’s of the world but if someone was to put them in a terrible slasher film and killed them off in elaborate and stomach churning ways well, let’s face it – who among us wouldn’t pay to see that?

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