And so it begins …

So basically I’m obsessed with the horror film. I watch about ten of them a week – slasher, b movie , creature feature, torture porn … Well you name it, cover it in blood and tell me it was built on the site of an ancient native american burial ground and I’m there.
I think the reason for my love of the celluloid scream fest is the fact that I want to be terrified – and so far it just hasn’t happened.
Don’t get me wrong – in everyday life I’m a big wuss – I’m scared of everything from wax work dummies to the threat of rising sea levels turning the place I live into the next lost city of Atlantis. I’m not ashamed of that – in fact its a running joke in my family, but the horror film.. well, she has yet to raise even one hair on this girls neck, and if you see me with goose bumps it’s because I live in the North East of England and it ain’t the warmest climate.
You see, ever since I was a very little girl (not smurf little, but y’know younger) I have suffered the most horrendous gore splattered nightmares imaginable. These dreams are so very vivid that if I don’t wake up screaming or crying it’s because I’m paralysed with fear that they are actually still happening.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that my quest is to find a film that will scare me even a tenth of my subconscious self’s slumbering imaginings, and so far I’m yet to find an offering that even comes close.
So join me (the one or two people who are actually interested) as I blog my way through the dark side of cinema, rating and slating the big budget to the bargain basement and occasionally offering you a glimpse into the thoroughly messed up psyche of moi – The Gore Whore herself ( which knowing me could be anything from a poem to a rambling stream of consciousness serving only to stave off the inevitable mental breakdown.
Enjoy my spiral into lunacy children.

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